2 Bar House

The 2 Bar home in Menlo Park, California represents a very cost-conscious design and implementation of green materials and technologies for a couple with two young children.  The new residence replaced an awkward and inefficient structure which sat in disrepair with a smart, sustainable, open home that embraced the family’s indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

The 2 Bar concept floats a bedroom bar above and perpendicular to a living bar, an arrangement that allows both spaces to open up to more light than the typical box.  The lower, living level features accordion and lift/slide doors which allow the house to open to a generous backyard and garden.  A private, green roof with deck allows the upper level to also have a connection to garden and landscape.  The horizontal slats that clad the upper bar create a simple and elegant rain screen and provide operable panels over the windows that can be easily moved to control light and privacy.  A compact and efficient layout, along with several sustainable materials and systems, were included to meet the clients’ concern for cost and environmental consciousness, including sustainable flooring and a photovoltaic array.


Green Roof Design: Wonderland Garden and Landscape
Structural Design: Bounmy Soumountha
Energy Consultant: Energy Calc Co.
Custom Steel Fabrication: The Industrialists
Photography: Joe Fletcher 

Watch a video of Jonathan discussing the project here